Interview With The Dancing Twins

Exclusive interview between Kay Hammond, Designer of the Ally McBeal Webspace and Steve Cohen, one half of the Ally McBeal Dancing Twins.

Kay: How did you first get into the entertainment business?

Steve: We started doing clown and juggling jobs. We appeared on 'Mad About You' passing clubs while Paul Reiser walked in between us.

Kay: How did your roles in Ally McBeal come about?

Steve: They were looking for twins who could dance and we were looking for a hot new show to showcase our talents. So everything worked out great!

Kay: What's your favourite dance move from the show; the Robocop, the Funky Chicken or the Train?

Steve: I like the Robocop move, 'cuz it's so 80's.

Kay: Describe a typical day's filming of Ally McBeal.

Steve: It's a long day. To film just a couple of minutes, it can take 14 hours. But we have a lot of fun kidding around in the bar and working out our dance moves.

Kay: Which other members of the cast do you hang out with?

Steve: We're usually busy working out routines, but we sometimes hang out with Vonda's band playing the banjo and guitar.

Kay: You have many different skills from speed typing to playing the piano. If you weren't in Entertainment, what would you do?

Steve: Probably something with computers. Designing web sites or something like that.

Kay: You got your BAs from Stanford. What did you study?

Steve: Eric - Art. Steve - Communication.

Kay: Do you always work together or have you even taken jobs separately?

Steve: We sometimes work separately. Eric had a role in 'Point of No Return' by himself.

Kay: What do you think of the Ally McBeal Webspace?

Steve: Great! Keep up the good work!

And it's here the interview closes, but I'm sure I'll be speaking to the cohen brothers soon. You can find out more about the Dancing Twins by checking out their website here.

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