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30 May 2000
We have been working on some huge updates to the back end of this site, making images quicker to download and the whole site faster! In addition we've added some new content, prior to our big debut in UK's Minx magazine, out on 1st June!

14 May 2000
All Series 2 episode guides have now been uploaded as well as 4 pages of WAV files. Additionally, we have put up the Dancing Twins interview and some great new news stories. We have now uploaded 106 pages of this site!

13 May 2000
All Series 1 episode guides are now available. There are now over 70 pages available on this site.

12 May 2000
There are currently 53 pages of content available on this site, including song lyrics for all songs on both Ally McBeal albums, an interactive message board, a competition and a large selection of links.

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