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Ally McBeal is an icon to many women, and a character to behold to men and women alike. David E. Kelley's creation has become one of the most famous characters to come out of 90s TV. The show's five season run finished in 2002, but it continues to exist in all of our hearts.

Through a combination of DVD sales and online streaming service, fans around the world continue to enjoy Ally's legal exploits, taking life lessons from her experiences in love, life and law.

This site has received huge amounts of publicity this year, though the site has actually been around for three years now. I have appeared on TV in the UK as well as on the radio and in newspapers and magazines. I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to come here and enjoy the site. You have made all this possible.

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We've kept this website going through a combination of hard work, dedication and love for the show, though it's not been a completely smooth ride. We almost had to close down a few years ago when funding it became difficult, but thanks to donations from a lot of kind folk while I was starting a debt management plan we kept it going. Thanks guys!

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